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Natural Ways To Repel Insects

Weather attending an outdoor concert or on your way to work, bugs are a constant nuisance and always find a way to annoy or bite us. They really know how to interrupt a fun time, make a romantic moment awkward, and just plain get under our skin. There really isn’t much you could do about that being that they populate almost every part of the world and outnumber us a billion to one (not exact numbers of course). The only option is to just deal with them and try to get them out of your personal space.

Repellents You Buy At The Store


There is a multitude of repellents for sale at any convenient or drug store. They all work basically the same in my opinion. They usually are sold as a spray or cream. It goes without saying they do have their disadvantages. Strong smells, sticky, unpleasant al the way around. The biggest disadvantage for me is the strong smells. I personally try to smell good and covering myself with these sprays ruins that for me. Some of these sprays can become pretty expensive especially when you’re the outdoors type. I guess it’s better than having a bunch of bugs swarming you.

I Want To Smell Good

I was kind of tiered of the sprays smell ruining my game. I want to find a way to repel the bugs in a better way. I decided to find a natural alternative. Natural alternatives would smell a lot better than their drug store counterparts. I tried these three – homemade mosquito repellent, natural flea repellent, and natural spider repellent. I chose these three because these should cover me on all bases. They work quite well and I am pleased those retail repellents with their strong smells and their harsh chemicals are a thing of the past.

Get Blood Out After A Crazy Event

This article is a must see if your social events are crazy, physical, and pandemonious.

Crazy Event May Equal Blood Stains

If your idea of fun and you attend a lot of crazy and pandemonious you may be no stranger to bloody noses and lips, cuts, and scrapes. You may also be familiar with the stains these events can create. Usually the attendees of these events are well aware almost definitely what is going to happen to their clothing while attending these events. So in preparation most will show up with clothing that will not be missed, inexpensive or do not hold any sentimental value. If they need to throw the clothes away or in some occasions leave the clothes behind at the actual event, they won’t think about it twice.


On some occasions you may end up with a souvenir from this event. A keepsake that will mark some special moment while attending an event. You try as hard as you can to keep it safe, but chances are if you are at one of these chaotic events you know what will almost inevitably happen in this turmoil.

In Case

Blood stains are a usually a normal part of these physical and tumultuous events. There is no getting around that. You could also try to safeguard you memento, but that can be extremely difficult under the circumstances.

If by chance your souvenir is made of fabric and is stained by blood, give this a try before you throw it out with the rest of your tattered belongings that made it through that day. I came across Best Way To Remove Blood From Sheets while searching online, because I had the same set of events mentioned above happen to me while covering routy event. I didn’t want to get rid of the keepsake, but I didn’t want to keep it with stains. I wanted to try and clean it a bit. Same method used to clean the blood stained sheets work on the t-shirt I wanted to save, and it worked!

get out blood