Aasimar D&D 5th Edition (5E)

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Aasimar which look like humans they mostly act towards kindness rather than evil behaviour they are with the significant amount of celestial or better outside blood in their ancestry.

Aasimar 5th Edition

Aasimar 5e they mostly look like human and also their minor physical traits which reveal their unusual heritage their typical features which include hair that shines like metal, golden halos, lustrous skin colour, Jewel-toned shining eyes and their body is covered with speckled markings.

Aasimar 5E traits

Aasimar 5e D&D

There are some common traits which are shown in Aasimar they are

  • The ability score of your charisma which will be increased by 2
  • The age of an Aasimar is the maturity rate as humans they can live up to 160 years
  • Aasimar they look like the same size of humans in weight and height
  • And they have the walking speed at 30 feet
  • Aasimar is very resistance to necrotic damage and radiant damage.

Protector Aasimar

This protector Aasimar 5e which are charged by the powers to guard the week and also which is very useful to strike at evils against the darkness from younger age onwards these Aasimar they seem the advice and directives towards and stand against evil.

5e Aasimar D&D

For protector Aasimar the wisdom score will always be increased by While using protector Aasimar the transformation will last for 1 minute if you need you can end it as bonus action, during that time you will be having the flying speed of about 30 feet and once in every term you can deal with extra radiant damage and you will have the target to attack or spell.

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Fallen Aasimar

This fallen Aasimar they are touched by dark powers and they turn to evil in earthly adulthood and they become a fallen in a group of Aasimar and their inner light which is replaced by shadow. Here the ability score will be increased by 1 and during transformation, your feet will be increased to 10 feet and also you can save through charisma modifier until you receive the next turn.

Scourge Aasimar

Scourge Aasimar with divine energy and they blaze intensely within them, many Scourge Aasimar they wear masks in order to safeguard to block out the world and also they focus on containing this power and their ability score which is also increased by 1.

D&D Aasimar 5e

And during radiant conception the transformation which lasts for 1 minute and during that time they have the ability to shed bright light in 10 feet radius and also for dim light they have additional 10 feet radius and this will be for every each turn, In addition, they can also deal with extra radiant damage and which has the target to attack or spell.

Characters of Aasimar:

Dragon born

Dragon born they look the same as the dragon and they stand erect in humanoid form even though they lack in tail or wings.


Dwarfs are bold and Hardy they are very famous as skilled warriors they are mainly the workers of stone and metal.


Elves are the magical people and they are from otherworldly Grace they live in the world but not the entire part of it.


Humans, they are most adaptable and also very ambitious people among the common races, if the people drive them the humans are innovators and achievers so they will be the pioneer s of the world.

Here most of the Aasimar names which are born from human parents, since they also use the same naming conventions which are related to their native culture. Aasimar D&D which are returned to the sample rate in order to showcase the build in race effect and rules to the world.



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