For Honor Tier List 2019 {updated}

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Honor is a game in which there are different heroes available in different tiers. Among the heroes present in this game there are several heroes who are weak and several are at the top tier.

Honor tier list goes like S tier a, tier B, tier C, and tier D tier. you can get for honor tier list new updates from here.

For Honor Tier List

Shugoki:  this is one from the B tier. This comes from the weak heroes but still, its performance in the gameplay is perfect.

Orochi: It is from the A Tier. When you need great attack with the defence this is the most considerable one.

For Honor Tier List

S Tier List (tournament winning viable)

Here in the below-given section of this article, we are stating the entire list. You are suggested to go through it.

Nobushi: This is one of the A-tiers which are useful for battling reason. As far as societal position, this is one of the D tiers. This is one which everyone will despise because of a speedy assault.

Kensai: This tier turns out to be promptly the most played saint and S-Tier legend. This has a decent assaulting big name and great protection capacity, this one is extremely ideal in an alternate circumstance so this is one of the best tiers.

Conqueror: This is an S tier with no contention. This is one of the legends where everybody will like since the development is great. He isn’t a versatile legend however he won’t prevent him by kicking from ass.

Shinobi: This is one of the confused ones, this is one of the D tier and the player who does not realize the amusement to play will pick this character. On the off chance that you begin utilizing every one of the combos by this, you won’t bite the dust.

Aramusha: This is one of the C tier wastes since every one of the players will realize how to junk and counter him. He is a decent aggressor however this legend isn’t versatile to all.

Raider: This one is an extremely pleasant saint which is completely loaded up with fun. On the off chance that somebody doesn’t do turtle this one will close out your assaults. He is an A tier and which is versatile to all players.

Warlord: This one is the troublesome saint where when you pick him you can’t win. You will be turtle out in all circumstances. This is a B tier saint.

Berserker: This one is a versatile saint and irritating in character and this hits like a projectile. This can decrease your wellbeing to cinders. This has a place with A tier.

Highlander: After a merited buff, this saint has selected from A to B tier. This turned into a foe with all the legends.

Shaman: This is one of the D tiers, she is a decent saint however detested by everybody. Nobody will be intrigued to pick her.

Warden: This one is the B tier prior she began as an S Tier this saint won’t work yet it will be enjoyable to play.

Peacekeeper: This turned into A tier after modify and this one isn’t versatile since she is brisk in assaulting.

Lawbringer: This saint isn’t played now daily since he knows the legends well and it is enjoyable to play.

Centurion: This is an A-tier which works with extraordinary protection and furthermore rebuffs vigorously.


This is a B saint moved to A legend in view of his incredible work. He is an irritating saint and great to work.



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